SMS System

SMS System for Educational/Marketing and Support Institutions


  • Web-based
  • Database – mysql
  • Network - all major telecom
  • Multi user with private and public Phonebook
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Auto reply
  • Bulk/Multiple SMS Sending to multiple, multi-telco mobile numbers
  • Messages sent can be used as templates and can be sent again
  • You can categorize and create groups for different set of subscribers (suppliers, customers, friends, etc)
  • You can set the date and time you want the SMS sent
  • With automatic SMS responder for Survey / Promotional activities
  • Chat-like interface where you can view history of conversations (filtered); Ideal for support groups
  • Can be used with single or multiple GSM modems for faster sending and receiving of high volume SMS

Reports Feature:

  • Live Current Report (your Messages send or not)
  • Detail Report / Individual Report (How Many Sent a SMS to Each Number)
Export Reports of All incoming SMS / Outgoing SMS / Sent SMS