Project Management System

web-based ( cloud ready )
    free mysql database
    runs on Linux,Windows and Mac
    WAN / LAN / Single Connection ready
    Unlimited Number of Employees
    Unlimited Number of User

    Project Maintenance
    Task Maintenance
    Project Summary by Task Report
    Individual Project Report
    Individual Project Summary by Task Report
    Individual Task Report
    Individual Task Summary by Project Report

Time and Attendance

    Schedules of each employee’s work/restdays.permits setting of 2/3/4/5/6 days work-week. It accomodates flexible schedule that fits even broken schedules such as those in food chains, hospitals, etc. Customize your time and attendance set-up according to your company rules and policy.

    Importation of Daily Attendance Records
    User Maintainable Schedule and Shift Table
    Can be linked with any Timekeeping Device (through upload)
    Real Time Connection with Biometric ( requires customization )
    Customizable Timekeeping Policy
    Calendar Type Employee Scheduler
    Holiday Table
    OT Authorization and Approval
    Absences and Tardiness Frequency Report
    Daily Attendance Report
    Daily Absences and Tardiness Report

PC Based Punch In/Out ( Optional )
    Auto Logout in BreakTime
    Prevent Unscheduled Login